June 2013

Congratulations to Our Founder

The Israel Idonije Foundation would like to congratulate our Founder, Israel Idonije who has recently signed a one-year contract with the Detroit Lions!

A personal letter from Israel Idonije to his fans and foundation supporters:

Good Morning,

It is official, I have joined the Detroit Lions.

The past 10 seasons in Chicago have been an incredible experience. It seems like it was just yesterday that at 21 years old I arrived in the big city of Chicago to start my NFL career. Thank you for embracing me while I grew and developed personally and professionally.

I truly appreciate all the support the Israel Idonije Foundation has received.

The Israel Idonije Foundation will always be headquartered in Chicago, with its mission and focus remaining the same. TeamIIF’s leadership will continue the great work of serving in the community and building on all of the successes it has had since it began in 2007. I will still be very much a part of its efforts, and we look forward to continued growth as we carry out our mission of serving communities in Chicago, Winnipeg and West Africa.

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Israel Idonije 2013 All Sports United Humanitarian Award Winner


JUNE 13, 2013, CHICAGO, IL – The 2013 All Sports United Humanitarian Award for Excellence in Sports Philanthropy was presented to NFL veteran Israel Idonije Monday, June 10 at 7 p.m. Peers and philanthropy industry professionals selected Idonije out of the 13 finalists named at the Skyline Club in Indianapolis, IN. The Israel Idonije Foundation (IIF) will receive a customized $100,000 media grant provided by the PVBLIC Foundation.
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A Parent Thank You

Tracy Hayes is a parent of a Wiesbrook Elementary student. This spring, Mr. Idonije addressed the school in an assembly. His message: “Regardless of obstacles, always set goals and never give up!”. Here are Tracy’s reflections on the assembly and subsequent fundraiser, the Tiger Trot 5k, which raised funds to support the Israel Idonije Foundation.

Recently, our elementary school hosted a fundraiser with the proceeds going to the IIF. All the parents and kids involved were so very impressed with Israel’s dedication to this foundation. He came to an assemble and gave such an exhilarating talk to all the elementary school kids and then showed up again for about 2 hours to the actual 5k race. He was overly generous with his time, autographs and pictures. He did not rush, but took time to hug all the kids and take pictures. Israel, you are a very impressive humanitarian and the world is a much better place with people like you in it. God Bless!

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